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Mobility and range of motion were my biggest struggles. Ooh man! After working with Alex for the first 3 months I noticed a significant increase in my range of motion all around. Some highlights, I could finally lift my arms high above my head pain free! I learned how to properly engage my core and perform foundational exercises such as the squat and deadlifts in proper form. As a result, my hip mobility increased and my core strength went through the roof. In the following 3 months, this is when my confidence working out sky rocketed. I wasn’t doing the same old workouts anymore. Alex taught me the fundamentals of body mechanics so I could confidently engage my shoulders, back, and glutes to perform any exercise. I was even able to touch my toes while standing, something I had not been able to do for many many years! I’m not even kidding, as a result I grew taller! My posture drastically improved and my spine lengthened. My shoulders and back also grew wider! My favorite aspect was that Alex brought a wealth of biomechanics knowledge and implemented the specific workouts and movements that my specific body needed to bring it back into balance. We then built from there. Alex provides tailored workout programs and experiential know-how to help any Body and anybody accomplish whatever fitness goal you may have.



Alex is the best trainer I’ve worked with and is really helping with recovery and body mechanics. I trust him not to hurt me and to help me regain strength. I tell all my friends how great he is as a coach and how he is an awesome person. He is the best trainer of worked with in my life so far, and that’s saying a lot at my age. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.



Before being trained by Alex, it was a kind of feeling for me that I am in some kind of captivity in my own body, which is getting paralyzed at the left side from above because of the car accident. I tried to work with other trainers, but there was no effect, and my hope was just losing the ground. But from our first session, Alex's unique approach made a difference. This is because not only have I been able to fully extend my left arm again—an "unimaginable" feat, but we also started to work on rebuilding strength in my neck, although there is a rod from previous injuries. With the direction of Alex, I was enabled to face up to the atrophy on my left side. With results now, they are speaking for themselves. I found a coach who does not see the injury. She sees me fighting to recover. He did not only restore my movement but also restored my spirit and belief to get better. For that, I cannot be anything other than eternally grateful.



I had the privilege of working with Alex as my personal trainer at Equinox, and I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable his guidance and expertise were in my fitness journey. Alex's passion for fitness and dedication to his clients truly set him apart. One of Alex's greatest strengths is his deep understanding of flexibility and calisthenics. With his comprehensive knowledge and patient teaching style, he consistently motivated me to push my limits and achieve new heights. His emphasis on proper form and technique ensured that I not only saw results but also minimized the risk of injury. What impressed me most about Alex was his ability to tailor each session to my specific needs and goals. He took the time to understand my fitness level, limitations, and aspirations, and then crafted personalized routines that challenged me without overwhelming me. His creative and dynamic approach kept me engaged and motivated throughout our sessions.



I trained with Alex for several months to help me get to another level. He was the only coach who could me help not only with strength and mobility training but also with my hand stands and hand balancing. What I truly appreciate about Alex that he is a holistic trainer, he takes time to understand you, your body and you needs and create a personalized approach. From nutrition and breathing to strength and flexibility to resilience and growth mindset, Alex focuses on every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit.



Alex has a way of coming through with such positivity, competent attitude, and energy that I could rely on him not hurting me every step of the way. Even without the use of weights, he was able to challenge me with very effective ways. I stand with my best trainer, who I had the chance ever to be trained by, with most of the limiting damage from the injuries and surgeries that caused weaknesses in important areas of my body. In fact, he is helping me to recover and enhance my mechanics in the body. I trust him to help me regain strength without causing further injury.

I sincerely look forward to continuing my road to recovery with him, for I do believe from the deepest and most heartfelt part of me that he will be a great part of enabling me to be functional and strong again. His type of training is very form and function-based and a little bit different from what I'm used to. I've never worked with a trainer that can break it down to such a core level of basics. It really speaks to me. I've worked with many trainers in my time, and the attention to detail of Alex gives me confidence that he knows how to make my body strong and safe. I feel safe with his expertise and cool with his style!

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